Remotely Disconnected – A Poem by Allen Volz

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Remotely Disconnected – A Poem by Allen Volz

Remotely Disconnected - A Poem by Allen Volz

This makes the spine tingle and shiver
In ways, more the taker than giver
Endless interrogation
From brutal corrugation
The ordeal of the road to Gibb River

Then, out of the red dust and smoke haze
Looms a vision, a most haunting maze
The grandeur of Kimberley
Is far beyond simile
You’re held fast in enchanted gaze

From the black hole of evolution
Earth, wind and fire in revolution
With cohorts water and time
Moulded vast and sublime
This landscape of creative collusion

Swollen rivers in their wild untamed rage
Gouged craggy chasms in that primitive age
Now elaborate props for a play
(Spellbinding to this day)
Adorning the set of its wondrous stage

Ancient Boabs and Cyclads weave tapestry
Eucalypt canopies cast shades of majesty
Termite castles in Spinifex
(Monumental special effects)
Embrace and celebrate in random pageantry

Tender care of these lands was afforded
By primordial guardians who recorded
In galleries of stone
From ash, ochre and bone
Their law and their lore more applauded

Here’s nature herself in mardi gras
(Kimberley utes even wear a bra)
There’s a rock for all ages
Birds fly free of cages
So pristine, you won’t have a bar of Telstra



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